European Committee of Electrical Installation Equipment Manufacturers

Comité Européen des Constructeurs d'Appareillage Electrique d'Installation

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Plugs and Sockets

Convenor: Wim de Kesel (AGORIA)

Plugs and sockets follow the safety requirements of IEC 60 884-1 or national standards which results in a high level of safety for all consumers across Europe. 

The physical dimensions of plugs and sockets outlets from a 2.5 amp rating through 6 amp, 10 amp, 13 amp, up to 16 amp have been standardized for many years through national standards.

During the 1990s activity within CENELEC was aimed at harmonizing the dimensions of all the different systems across Europe but this was not agreed for a variety of reasons, due notably to a lack of market demand, the massive costs which would occur and concerns over a decrease in safety which would result from the incorrect use of millions of adaptors over a period of many, many years.



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