European Committee of Electrical Installation Equipment Manufacturers

Comité Européen des Constructeurs d'Appareillage Electrique d'Installation

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Conformity Assessment and Market Surveillance

Convenor: Oscar Querol (AFME)

CECAPI supports the general principle of one standard, one test and manufacturer's declaration of conformity.

The European directives covering CECAPI products require that the CE marking is placed on the products by the manufacturer. Where there is a market demand for third party certification CECAPI supports the long established CCA scheme for national voluntary certification marks. In most European countries companies associated to CECAPI have established since long practices of product marking, using relevant national schemes. This CCA allows a manufacturer to obtain the relevant national marks on the basis of a single test report.

For some components not intended for fixed installations CECAPI supports the use of the ENEC European marking scheme.


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